Choosing the legal form of your business has significant consequences in the areas of tax, liability, ease of governance and flexibility of future growth and investment. Ambroziak Kitto, LLC can help choose and form an appropriate business entity to fit your needs from among:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC)
  • Subchapter ‘C’ Corporations (C-Corp)
  • Subchapter ‘S’ Corporations (S-Corp)
  • General Partnerships
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Specialty corporations
  • Other joint ventures

Articles, by-laws, operating agreements and other joint ownership issues

As part of formation of your business, a key to its success will be the smooth operation and corporate governance of the business and relations between partners, members or shareholders, as well as contingency planning to avoid shareholder disputes where at all possible, including in the areas of:

  • Capitalization
  • Cash calls
  • Business operation
  • Business management
  • Profit distribution
  • Partner litigation and dispute resolution
  • Sale of owner interests
  • Business dissolution
  • Death & disability planning
  • Exit strategy planning
  • Intellectual property ownership

Where disputes or dissolution are unavoidable, good governance documents can anticipate exit strategies that will have minimal disruption to the business and its partners’ or members’ lives and reduce the costs of resolving disputes or dissolving and reforming the business. Toward this goal, Ambroziak Kitto, LLC offers expertise in drafting articles of incorporation, articles of organization, by-laws, operating agreements, partnership agreements or shareholder agreements and other governance documents to fit your present and future business objectives.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Significant corporate transactions pose significant challenges challenges and rewards, and typically have a major impact on the lives of owners. Whether your strategic business transaction is a business investment, business merger, asset purchase, or an outright business acquisition, business sale or other transfer of interest, we can help structure and negotiate a transaction that best fits your needs from a strategic perspective.