Hello, My name is Mike Ambroziak and I work with real estate investors, private businesses and their owners as general counsel. My focus is on efficient, high quality counsel that helps clients achieve their goals, whether they are the startup, acquisition or sale of a business, the purchase, sale or development of real estate, or one of the myriad operational or transactional matters arising during the life cycle of an enterprise.

I believe that productive relationships are good for business, that the best deals meet the needs of all parties, and that great results can be achieved without a legal army. In contrast, I believe that aggressive business tactics are counter-productive, as is zero sum thinking, and that over-lawyering and paralysis by analysis are to be avoided. Working with like-minded people is a pleasure.

Since 1998 my experience has included Fortune 500 work both in-house and in the large law firm environments, as well as running a small boutique law practice, a real estate investment company, a title agency, and a solo law practice since 2015. I enjoy a mix of business, real estate and law, and addressing new challenges, often with creative solutions.

You can learn more about my prior practice on the Biography page, and please feel free to contact me to discuss how I may assist you and your business – mike@ambroziaklaw.com.